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Debunking Heartworm Disease Misconceptions

Heartworms in Pulmonary Artery

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Social Media Kit Overview

How Quickly Does Heartworm Disease Cause Damage?

Heartworm-Postive Dog

Enlarged Heart From Complicated Heartworm Infection

Significant Thickening of the Intima Due to the Prolonged Presence of Heartworms

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Your Home For Healthy Habits

Instagram Starting Guide

Healthy Habits Pet-Owner Detailer



Heartworm Transmission by Mosquitoes

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Intestinal Parasites Poster

Twitter Guidelines and Tools

Heartworm Damage 13 Years Later


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Heartworm Disease Poster

2021 Internal Parasite Prevalence Report

What Every Pet Owner Should Know About Roundworms & Hookworms

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Puppy Protection Poster

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Live Heartworms and Collapsed, Dead Heartworm


Practical Heartworm Disease Prevention

HEARTGARD® Plus (ivermectin/pyrantel) Brochure

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Heartworm Fact Sheet

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Hookworm Fact Sheet

7 Must-Knows About Heartworm Disease in Dogs

Roundworm Fact Sheet