Your clinic’s Facebook presence is an important component to your social media plan. Facebook provides a great opportunity for followers to find more information about your clinic, share articles and resources, link to your website or find your clinic location.The key to a successful Facebook presence is creating a consistent look and feel for your posts while tapping into different topics.

Advertising on facebook:

Types of Facebook Ads:

  • Brand Awareness — Displays at 170x170 pixels on desktop and 128x128 pixels on mobile
  • Conversions — Get people to take specific actions on your website, such as signing up for a newsletter or buying a product
  • Engagement — Likes on your posts, comments, shares and photo views
  • Lead Generation — Collect information from people interested in your business
  • Reach — Reach people near your business
  • Traffic — Send people to important sections of your website
  • Video Views — Tell a story using a video in your ad

Paid vs Organic Posts:

Paid Social Post Example

Paid social is paying to display ads or sponsored messages to social network users based on user profile, e.g.,demographic. A cost is incurred depending on the type of ad planned; for example many ads incur a cost per click.

  • A character limit of 100 characters or less is recommended for paid posts
  • There is a 20% text-to-image ratio for text on an image(Image Text Ratio tool)
  • Calls-to-action and images are clickable to a website
Paid social post

Organic Social Post Example

Organic social is using free tools provided by each social network to build a social community and interact with it, sharing posts and responding to customer comments.

  • Character limit and image size are not as restricted for Organic posts
  • Text is allowed on an image
  • The image and text of an organic post do not click through unless a link is provided in the post text

Organic social post