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Appointment Scheduling

  • Content for Facebook - Treatment for heartworm disease is traumatic, risky and can cost up to $1,000 or more. Why risk it? Schedule an appointment. [insert website link]
  • Content for Instagram - It’s about time! If it’s time to come to see us, save time by scheduling your appointment online.
  • Content for Twitter - Prevention of heartworm disease is less expensive and much easier than treatment. Schedule an appointment today!


  • Content for Facebook - Learn how to prevent your pets from being infected by heartworms and identify warning signs of infection at our free seminar from X:XX to X:XX on XX/XX/XX. Visit our website to find out more.
  • Content for Instagram - It only takes one bite from an infected mosquito to infect your pet with heartworms. Do you know how to protect your pet? Join us on XX/XX/XX at XX:XX.
  • Content for Twitter - Is your pet hiding something? Learn how to check for heartworms at our free seminar this/next [insert day/date]. Click to register [insert website link]

Free Service

  • Content for Facebook - Schedule a spa day for your BFF! For a limited time, all bath services include free nail trimming because we think pets deserve the royal treatment. Call or visit online to make an appointment.
  • Content for Instagram - Pamper your pet with any bath service and get a free nail trim. For a limited time only, schedule an appointment today. #freenailtrim
  • Content for Twitter - It pays to pamper your pet. Free nail trim with all bath services for a limited time. Schedule an appointment now: [insert website link]

Employee Spotlight

  • Content for Facebook - Please join us in congratulating [employee name], our employee spotlight this month. [She/He] has been a part of our team since [date] and currently serves our patients and clinics as our [job title]. Thank you, [employee name].
  • Content for Instagram - Meet [employee name], our employee of the month. [She/He] has been a part of our team since [date] and currently serves our patients and clinics as our [job title].
  • Content for Twitter - This month we salute [employee name]. His/Her dedication makes our office shine. Learn more at [insert website link]

Pet Owner Spotlight

  • Content for Facebook - Say hi to [dog name] and his/her owner [pet owner name]. They have been with our clinic since [date].
  • Content for Instagram - Meet [dog’s name] and [owner name]. They have been coming to our clinic for [# of months/years]. #petownerspotlight
  • Content for Twitter - Meet [pet name] and [owner name], this month’s Pet Spotlight. Get to know them at [insert website link]
  • TEXT-ONLY COPY OPTION - This month’s Pet Spotlight is [pet name]. Meet him/her at [insert website link]

Heartworm Fact

  • Content for Facebook - Remember, mosquitoes transmit heartworm larvae. Stop a little bite from becoming a big problem with a monthly heartworm preventive!​
  • Content for Instagram - All it takes is one bite from an infected mosquito for your pet to become infected with heartworms. #heartwormdisease
  • Content for Twitter - Timing Is Everything. Give your dog HEARTGARD on the same day each month to kill heartworm larvae before they mature. [insert website link]