Tech Champions are a special coalition of selected veterinary technicians that serve as a rotating council of advocates for heartworm disease prevention, dental health, and flea and tick control.

They'll stop at nothing to protect more pets

Take advantage of this exciting relationship by staying plugged-in to the valuable vet tech resources available to your clinic, including frequent networking opportunities, special conference events, and Vet Tech Week promotions. Missing a major conference doesn’t mean missing out on exciting speaker events. Champion speakers will be traveling to a limited number of Tech-Fest events across the country, giving your group the chance to experience the same conference lecture in the convenience of your own space. It’s just another way the program helps our representatives and your veterinary technicians build relationships for animal health.

Reach out to your Boehringer Ingelheim Sales Representative today and ask about a Tech Champion event in your area. The Champions will share the message of heartworm disease prevention through:

  • Peer-to-peer discussions and interaction
  • Practical counseling on day-to-day obstacles
  • Sharing tips on how to get the conversation started about heartworm disease prevention, dental health, and flea and tick control